Spring Cleaning Tips from Cleaning Professionals


Picture a warm springtime sun streaming through your windows. Little blue birds are chirping away in your backyard as squirrels bound from tree to tree and flowers start to blossom. No, it is not a scene from Cinderella, but rather the first hint of spring.

Spring always puts me in an “out with the old, in with the new” state of mind. It’s a time when the weather warms and windows and doors are left open, rugs are aired out, dusting is done, furniture is vacuumed, and the house is freshened with the warm spring air. Spring cleaning is not really a necessity for some of us, but rather an option to say good-bye to winter and hello to the warmer months ahead.

Air it Out:

When a warm spring day presents itself, go throughout the house and start opening windows and what doors can be left opened. Not only will your house appreciate it, your spirit will to. The fresh, warm spring air will wake up your senses and make cleaning an easier chore.

Strip and Wash the Bedding:

Go through each room and take the winter sheets, blankets, and bedspreads or comforters off the beds. Make a pile of all the washables and another pile that will need to be taken to the laundromat (some washing machines just aren’t big enough). Start by washing sheets (like colors together) and move up to bedspreads. Instead of putting bedspreads in the dryer, you could freshen them up by hanging them out to dry in the warm sun.

Take out the cotton sheets you’ll be using during the spring and summer months and make the beds. Prior to making the beds and while the winter bedding is being washed you can hang the cotton sheets in the sun for a nice fresh scent then make the beds. If you do this, take this time to vacuum the mattresses.

Work from Top to Bottom and Back to Front:

Get your cleaning supplies together and start on the top floor of the house working your way down or from the back of the house forward. Dust and vacuum each room starting at the back of the room working towards the door. When you dust don’t forget to get the cobwebs that very likely could be hanging from the ceiling. When you vacuum, move the furniture around so you can get behind and underneath everything – dust bunnies beware.

Another good thing to do while cleaning each room is to get rid of anything you haven’t used and really don’t need. By clearing away the old stuff you will make room for new things.

Mop the Floors:

All floors that can be mopped, should be mopped. Use a nice fresh scent that will accentuate the fresh smells coming in the house from outside.

Cleaning Furniture and Carpets:

Spring cleaning is a good time to do deep furniture and carpet cleaning. You can do this by hiring professionals, or renting a steam cleaning machine. If you do it yourself, know what is recommended for the item you are cleaning and make sure you follow all directions to get the best results.

Appliances and Refrigerator:

Not only will you mop the kitchen floor but before you do this, get some help to move the stove and fridge and give the floors underneath a good scrubbing. Give the inside of the refrigerator a thorough cleaning and throw out any old food or expired foods. No doubt your oven has been used much over the holidays, give it a deep cleaning and don’t forget to clean the sides while you have it pulled out.

Blinds and Drapes:

Take down blinds and drapes, wash what you can and take the others out to be cleaned.

Rotate Your Clothing:

Spring cleaning is more than just a thorough house cleaning. Winter clothing needs to be cleaned, washed, and stored for next season so you can make room for your summer clothes. You won’t be needing those heavy winter sweaters, heavy pants, and winter coats anymore but do keep out the types of clothing that work for both seasons.

Before you hang up the new clothes and put them in your drawers, try them on and make sure they fit and that you still want them. If they don’t fit or you don’t want them, donate or give them away. I’m going to say this again, it’s a beautiful, warm day – hang your clothes in the fresh air before putting them away.

The Honey Do List:

Spring cleaning is not necessarily a one person job. Over the winter months you may have taken stock of certain areas of the home that need special attention. By spring you can give your husband the honey do list and get him involved too. Spring cleaning will help your home go into the warmer months clean and fresh.

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