Cleaning Tips On Removing Red Wine Stains


How To Remove Red Wine Stains

It never fails. If the bottle of red wine is opened, even just for a glass, something will have a stain on it by the time the night is through.

Red wine is very much a problem, especially for those that need to get it out of clothing, furniture and carpeting. But, with a little bit of knowledge and skill, this really should not be a problem for you. Do realize, though, that to remove red wine stains, you will need to work as quickly as possible to make it happen.

Quick Work Equals Results

No matter when it happens, if you have red wine staining your carpeting or fabrics, follow this step by step process right away.

  • Place a layer of salt on top of the stain immediately. This will keep it from setting.
  • If you have white wine available, you can pour some on top of the red wine and it will successfully bring the color our of the stain.
  • Blot with a clean, dry terry cloth until most of the stain is absorbed.
  • At this point, you can leave the stain until you have time to give it attention. Don’t wait too long though.

More Cleaning Tips

Once you do all you can immediately, you will want to come back to the stain after your get together is over or as soon as you can, to clean up the rest of it. But, what do you do at this point?

First, start by removing as much of the liquid as possible from the stain by blotting the stain. Do not rub. Then, use club soda to help you to remove the remaining stain. To do this, follow this process. It is ideal for carpeting, clothing, upholstery or other fabrics that you may have to remove red wine stain from.

  • Pour plain club soda onto the stain.
  • Pour enough to cover the area.
  • The club soda will activate the stain, causing it to bubble up out of the carpet or fabric.
  • Use a clean, dry terry cloth to blot it up.
  • You may need to repeat until there is no color moving from the stain to the terry cloth.
  • Use a mixture of barely warm water and a mild detergent to remove any of the sugars left behind from the wine and club soda.
  • Allow it to dry completely by placing a stack of paper towels on the spot with a heavy set of books or weighs on it.
  • Allow it to sit like this over night.
  • Remove and allow it to continue to dry.

More tips for removing red wine stain are below to help you even more so.

More Cleaning Tips For Red Wine Stain Removal

When red wine stains hit, having a good idea how to handle them can help you. Here are some extra tips to help you to keep these stains out of your fabrics.


Adding salt to the stain, in a good amount, will help to absorb the wine and keep the stain from setting. You can put on as much as you like until the red wine is no longer being absorbed. You can even leave the stain overnight like this and then vacuum it all up the next day. In most cases, the stain will be gone.

Set Stains

Do you have a wine stain that you have just found that is dry? You may be worried that you can not get it out, but to help you, consider this. First, if it is on your clothing, use laundry pre treat products to help remove it. Allow to air dry after washing to insure the stain is fully removed.

If you have a stain that has dried on your carpeting, use club soda to reactivate it. In most cases, it will pull the stain right out. Another option is the use of hydrogen peroxide which will again pull the stain out. This also works on your furniture.

Cleaning Steps To Remember

Never use hot water on a red wine stain. The hot water will cause the stain to set deeply into the carpeting, upholstery or your clothing. Always use cold water to flush stains like this. Later you can wash the area after the stain has been removed to remove any of the sugars left behind.

Remember to always test a cleaning method on something that is hidden so that you can insure that the stain is fully removed without causing damage to your products. In addition, you should call on a professional for high quality products to insure that it comes out safely.

Now you can remove red wine stains from your home safely.

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