Pet Stains and Odor Removal from Bedding, Furniture and Carpeting

Are you sick and tired of dealing with pet stains and odor? Just about every pet owner experiences occasion when the little dog or cat has an accident. While frustrating, this is simply part of owning a pet. Rather than not invite people over because of the stains and odor, why not do something about it.

How to get Rid of Pet Stains and Odor for Good!

Sometimes, the family pet decides to have an accident at night or during the holidays when no stores are open. In this case, you need something to work that you have on hand. There is certainly no reason to let a pet stain sit until you can get to the store. The following are some excellent options to combat pet stains and odor, making your furniture or carpeting look and smell good as new.


For areas that are washable such as bedding, linen, and some types of rugs, you can machine wash them as usual.

However, the key to removing the odor is to add about one pound of baking soda to the wash. Rather than use the dryer, hang outside to dry if possible. If you still notice a pet stain or any remaining odor, wash the item again but this time, add an enzymatic cleaner to the wash. Enzymatic cleaners are available at pet stores and the grocery store.


Now, for upholstery furniture, if you find a stain that has had time to set, you will need to get serious about cleaning. If you do not own a carpet shampooer, we recommend you rent one. You need some suction in order to pull the urine out of the fabric and cushioning that has very likely saturated it. Use commercial grade carpet shampoo and warm water. With this, you will force the clean water through the upholstery fibers, drawing the urine and water out.


Finally, pet stains and odor can be removed by filling a spray bottle with about 50/50 white vinegar and warm water. You can add one-quarter cup baking soda if you want a extra deodorizing boost.

Spray this on the soiled area, and massage the mixture into the carpet to cover all carpet fibers. Allow it to sit for about 5 minutes. Then, blot up with clean paper towels or a cleaning rag. You can use this process several times until the stain and odor are gone. Make sure you blot completely to remove as much of the moisture as possible.

Removing Old Pet Stains

If you have old pet stains causing odor problems, you will need to track them down using your eyes and nose.

A black light, used in the dark is excellent at finding the location. It will cause biological material to become florescent and pinpoint the exact location of the stain.

Then you can clean all of the areas as indicated. If the urine has seeped down into carpet padding, then you have a more serious problem. In this case, you may end up replacing carpeting.

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