Tips On Removing Oil Stains

How To Remove Oil Stains

Accidents in the kitchen happen and when they do, there is always the potential for your carpeting, your clothing or even your countertops to become stained with oil.

When this happens, react the right way in the right amount of time and you are sure to find success in removing this stain. Oil stain removal is different for the types of materials that are stained. So, the next time that you find yourself facing an oil spill or stain, use these tips to help you to get it out before it really becomes a permanent fixture there.

Various Oils, Various Cleaning Solutions

There are various types of oils that you may be having a problem with. Most of the methods that you will find here will work on virtually any type of oil stain that you have. But, you may need to use a bit more attention on those stains that are darker.

Oil Stain Removal Tips

Here is what to do first when an oil stain happens.

  • Use clean, white paper towels to dry up the stain. Blot the stain without rubbing it in. If it has dried, use a dull knife to scrap up as much as possible.
  • When there is no more oil moving from the stain to the paper towel, you can move on.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent on the stain. Dish detergents are ideal as long as they contain no fragrance and dies.
  • Blot stain with detergent; allow it to sit a few minutes (up to 5) and then rinse.
  • Use the hottest water you can that is safe on the fabric you are cleaning. You will find this information right on the tag of the garment.
  • Launder as you normally would, but do not dry in dyer until you are sure the stain is fully removed. Allow to air dry.

Hot Water Works Best On Oil and Grease Stains

You have probably been told that hot water is anything but good for fighting most types of stains. That is true for the most part. But, if you are trying to get an oil based stain, such as butter or cooking oil out of the fabric, you need to rely on hot water to help “melt” the stain to make it easier for it to be removed. Launder, though, as you normally would.

Other Methods That Work Well For Stain Removal

There are some other methods of removing oil from clothing or fabrics that can work as well. For example, did you know that if you have cornmeal in your home you have the perfect solution? All you need to do is to blot the stain then rub cornmeal onto it. The cornmeal will absorb most of the stain and will allow you to easy brush it off.

Make sure you do use a clothing pre treatment method before laundering, though. Another solution that may be helpful is using a standard type of shampoo. Rub it into the stain gently and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Use a brush to really work it into the fabric. Then, rinse in hot water. Launder as required.

For more oil stain removal tips, look down below.

More Cleaning Tips For Oils Stain Removal

What happens if you have an oil stain on your carpeting?

One thing to take into consideration here is insuring that the carpeting can be cleaned without the help of a professional. If so, then apply any of the methods we mentioned and the oil stain will be removed. To launder, make sure that you use a mild detergent that has been tested on a hidden area of the carpet. If it works well with the carpet, then apply and rub into the carpet. Blot dry, rinse, and dry.

Sitting For A While?

If the oil stain has been sitting there for a while, you may quickly become discouraged. But, you can usually get the stain out quickly with just a bit of reactivation. To do this, use WD-40 that is found in the hardware section. Spray onto the stained area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. This will help the stain to become reactivated and therefore to allow you to remove it from the carpeting.

Working quickly is important when it comes to oil stain removal. Take some time to insure that you have the best tools for the job and then attack it. Oils such as butter and cooking choices commonly end up on clothing, tablecloths and carpets. But, now you know how to get them out.

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