Food Stain Removal Tips


Removing Food Stains

There is not such a thing as a simple stain. Food stains and the materials they are on can be difficult to remove. Stains are most easily remove if the stain is still wet, not set, or having been washed and dried or after another stain removal product has been used.

Red Punch Stains or Soda Stains

Red soda is common stain that has destroyed many an article of clothing. Keep the stain moist and run under cold water just as soon as possible.

Start by mixing a small amount of ammonia with cold water. Dab the ammonia and water solution onto the stain with a clean white paper towel. If the stain seems set and is not coming out, take some plain salt and sprinkle it directly onto the stained area. Use a paper towel to gently rub it in the stain. Now dab more if the ammonia and water mixture on the stain. Then place a new paper towel on the stain and gently rub it in. Wash and dry as usual with cold water.

Another great tip that works really well on red soda stains is by using regular 3% hydrogen peroxide that you have in your medicine cabinet. Hydrogen peroxide will make soda stains disappear before your eyes as it dries. The hydrogen peroxide turns to water when exposed to sunlight. So there is no need to rinse.

Coffee or Tea Stains

Coffee is a very tough stain. First get a clean dry towel and cover the spill trying to remove as mush of the liquid as possible. Then get a new towel and moisten it with cold water. Dab the stain to get out as much of the stain as possible. Next place a small amount of white vinegar on a towel and work it into the stain. Use a laundry pretreatment stain solution. Wash the article of clothing as usual in cold water.

Blood Stains or Protein Stains

Soak up any excess blood on the fabric. Rinse it immediately with cold water until the stain is gone. Do not use hot water of the blood will set firmly in the fabric.

Grease and Oil Stains

Greasy oil stains are a pain. If grease gets on your clothing, get a clean paper towel and absorb any excess oil. If the grease is solid, scrape off as much as you can. Place a small amount of dish washing detergent (The best grease removing product there is) Use your fingertips to work it in. Use a stain pretreatment and then launder as usual.

Grass Stains

Grass stains mean summer is here. Address this stain quickly. Use hot water and either laundry or dish washing detergent and work it in with your finger tips. Rinse the stain in hot water and then wash the article of clothing as usual.

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