Stain Removal Tips

Tips To Eliminate Stains For Good

There are many stains that you may be plagued by.

Working quickly to remove them is the essentially most successful tip that you can have. Yet, even some stains that you do not get to very quickly can still be removed. To help you, you should consider the various type of stain that it is and then work according to that.

You may acquire a stain from a place where you least expect it – such as I did when a “little birdie flying high” dropped a blackberry on my shoulder! It soaked into the fabric of my white t-shirt. Fortunately, I was able to react quickly by removing the shirt and immediately soaking it in cold water before running it through a short washing cycle.

Quick treatment is key in avoiding set-in stains.

Stain Removal Rules

There are several things that you should always do to remove a stain successfully.

  • You should always attempt to clean a stain when it is still wet or freshly made. These have not set into the fabric or porous material and can be easier to clean than those that are allowed to dry.
  • Make sure that you always check the label of any clothing that you may have stained to make sure you do not do anything that would damage it.
  • Test out your stain remover. Always go to a location that is hidden and test the remover before using it in an obvious spot. Some fabrics may react to the solution in a poor way, worsening the stain.
  • Always blot rather than scrub. When you blot a stain, you are using a sponge or paper product to absorb the liquid. If you rub a stain, you are helping the stain to get into the carpet more so, making it worse. To do this, just place a towel (clean and white) over the stain, apply pressure and flip over to do it again.
  • Always call a professional if you are unsure of how to move on. The investment of a professional can save you from having to replace your entire carpet for one noticeable stain.

Removing Stains From Your Carpeting

The most common area that will get the stains is that of your carpet. To clean your carpet, you will want to follow some basic tips for success. No matter what the type of the stain is, you can get results if you work quickly and efficiently at removing them. Consider these tips:

  • Always use a clean white terry cloth to remove stains. If you use something that has color, the color can transfer to the carpeting.
  • Again, always blot the stain rather than rub it. This is simple once you try it a couple of times. Just avoid the temptation to rub.
  • Always pick up any loose debris from the stain before you actually attempt to clean it. If a cookie is smashed into the carpet, pick up all that you can first. If you do not, you will further rub it in.
  • Test your cleaning solution in a hidden area to make sure it will not damage the carpet.
  • Work on the stain from the edges of it into the middle.
  • If you are using a commercially purchased cleaner, you should always follow the products directions.
  • Do not use a lot of cleaning product. Too much can do more damage. In fact, it can make the stain harder to clean.

Oil Based Stains On Your Carpet

If you are working with an oil based stain on your carpeting, you need to do something a bit different. For example, you will want to remove all the debris as usual. Then work to blot out liquid as you normally would. You may need to use something to scrape the grease off if it has hardened. Then, you will want to use a volatile solvent to help you to further clean the carpet. This may include things like nail polish remover or a dry cleanings solvent. Do not use gasoline or paint thinner. To use cleaners, apply them to the effected area through blotting. Allow them to work on the stain and then blot them dry. Usually there is no need to wash them out.

Gum Stains

Gum is a real problem, no matter where it is located. If you have gum on your carpeting, you need to work on removing it in the following manner. First, do not spend too much time trying to scrape it off. If it does come off, you still need to clean up the area to prevent the stickiness that it leaves behind.

  • Use heat: Use your blow dryer to help you here. This will help to soften the gum enough that you can then pull it off. Even if it does not come off through the use of high heat in this manner, you are softening it enough that the chemicals you use will be more effective.
  • Cleaning products: You can purchase a variety of products to help you here. The goal is to look for a non-volatile dry solvent (NVDS) which will be most effective at cleaning the gum. You can also use gel solvents that are easy to rinse from your carpet.
  • Work with a scraper and elbow grease (a bit of muscle) to get the gum out. When finished, you will need to wash the area thoroughly, allow to dry then vacuum.

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