Cleaning Tips For Removing Coffee Stains

Coffee Stain Removal From Clothing

You spilled some coffee on your favorite suit and have an important meeting in five minutes. What do you do? After a long night, you grab for that pot of coffee and spill it on the countertop but you don’t see that until it has stained it.

Coffee is often considered something that we need in our lives. And, since it is so important, we need to find a few ways to get the stains from coffee out before they ruin our day. The good news is that there are several ways to effectively remove stains with success.

Here is some helpful coffee stain removal tips and advice.

Cleaning Steps For Immediate Stain Removal

Since coffee is organic and is a water based stain, you will want to treat it in the right manner. The good news is that a rather fresh coffee stain can be successfully removed rather easily. Here are some steps to take to make that happen.

  1. If the item is clothing, the most common problem area, rinse under cold water from back to front.
  2. Use a white terry cloth to blot the stain to remove anything that can be removed.
  3. Apply a mild dish detergent to the stain and rub with your fingers.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.
  5. Pre treat stain in the laundry as soon as you can.
  6. Launder as usual, but allow to air dry.

More Cleaning Solutions To Consider

Egg Yolk

You may have heard that if you beat an egg yolk and then apply it to a hard to remove coffee stain with a terry cloth that the stain will be gone. This is in fact true! All you need to do is to work the yolk into the stain for a minute and then rinse it thoroughly with water. Within seconds, it is completely gone.

Rubbing Alcohol

Not the drinking kind but denatured alcohol can also help with coffee stains. Here, simply work the alcohol into the stain. To do that, apply it directly to the stain, but do not over saturate carpeting or other fabrics. Blot with a clean terry cloth. You should rinse the alcohol out of the fabric as well.


Another household product that can help with coffee stains is vinegar. Make a solution that is 50% water and 50% vinegar. Blot the mixture onto the stain with a terry cloth. Use a dry terry cloth to blot the stain and the vinegar back up. No need to rinse out the vinegar unless you want to. Dry completely and your coffee stain is gone.

Commercial Cleaning Products

We have to say that the pre treatment products for your clothing really will work the best at removing most of the stains from your clothing if you get to them in time and follow the directions closely. If you have a coffee stain on a work shirt, for example, make sure to treat that stain as soon as you get home with a pre treatment. Allow to sit for ten minutes and then launder as you normally would. Do not let the pre treatment product to dry.

What happens with coffee stains on other surfaces? Read below to learn more.

Stubborn Coffee Stains On The Counter

One of the most common places to find coffee stains is on your counter top. You place your cup down, spill the pot or somehow else get coffee stain rings on the counter. To remove these, first use a mild detergent to try and wash the surface. Then, apply baking soda to the surface which will work as an abrasive to remove the stain effectively. Work into the countertop with a sponge and rinse away. If this does not help, using vinegar on the stain should.

Coffee Stains In The Car

How many times have you spilled your coffee driving to work? To get rid of these stains, use a vinegar solution. Make sure that you test the product on a hidden area first to insure that it will not damage the material or the color. Then, blot the stain as much as possible to remove anything that is still wet. Use a solution made up of one quart of water, one tablespoon of white vinegar and one half teaspoon of dish detergent. Apply to the stain by blotting it on. Then, blot it dry with a clean terry cloth. Another tip is to use a stain guard product on the upholstery to keep stains from setting in the future.

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