How To Remove Berry Stains


Berry & Fruits Stain Removal

It happened again, someone has spilled fruit or berry juice on your rug. If this happens to you, there are plenty of ways that you can save the carpet before the stain actually sets in. In most cases, you will be able to get most if not all of the stain up without too much work. But, you need to work fast and work right. Here are some tips for you to think about when it comes to berry and fruit stain removal.

What’s A Fruit Stain?

There are plenty of stains that fall into this category. If you find that you have any of these on your carpet, follow the recommended procedures below.

  • Food products that contain fruit products including candies, cookies and pastries.
  • Fruit juices of all types including apple, orange, cranberry, cherry and other types of fruit juices.
  • Fresh fruit that has been dropped onto the carpeting that is either smashed or has left a mark on the carpet.

Work Fast!

The first thing you need to do is to get your supplies together. You will need a sponge that is good quality, a terry cloth or other clean cloth for blotting and soaking up the liquid, your cleaning solution………. You should always keep these things together under your kitchen counter in times when you may come across a stain such as this one.

What To Do

Here are the things that you need to do to work out the stain from your carpeting. Work quickly but do not speed up the process. You need to use a chemical reaction to get those stains out and that can take a little practice and patience. Here is your step by step guide on how to handle berry or other fruit stains.

Step One: Use a clean cloth to blot, not rub up the liquid and debris that is on the carpeting. Do not rub it because this will cause the stain to set even farther into your carpet, making it harder to get out. Blot until all of the liquid has been absorbed.

Step Two: Your cleaning solution should be made as follows. Mix one teaspoon of a pH balanced detergent with a cup of warm water. Do not use anything that has bleach in the product as this will cause additional staining. Use your sponge to blot this mixture onto the rug’s stain. Do not rub.

Step Three: Use a standard vinegar that you probably having in your pantry. Blot this onto the stain as well. This will work as a rinsing agent to pull the stain out of the carpet and into your cloth.

Step Four: Blot with a clean terry cloth to remove the liquid. If there is any stain left in the carpet, rinse the stain with a warm water solution, again, blotting it out. Work through this procedure a couple of times to get the stain out if it is set in

Fruit Stain: Variations to Consider

The above formula for stain removal formula will work on most standard types of fruit stains. But, sometimes, products are mixed fruits with other ingredients. This causes them to need a little extra TLC when it comes to the stain removal. So, to help you to get the most out of your stain removal, follow these additional changes to the above method of cleaning fruit stains.

Wine: We Love To Drink It, Hate To Clean It

Wine is a big problem. It can instantly cause a stain on your carpet and is generally spilt from a higher level which means that it makes a larger, more noticeable stain. If you have a wine stain on your carpet, you need to work quickly. Here are some tips to think about:

  • Red wine stains can almost always be treated with white wine! Pour a bit of white wine over the red wine stain, blot it up with a clean terry cloth. Or, you can pour salt onto the red wine spill as well. This will work to stop the stain from setting into until you can properly clean it.
  • Blotting is important to keep it from getting deeper into the rug.
  • Use the same procedure as above for basic cleaning of the carpet.

Set Stains

It never fails, you miss the stain. You don’t realize that the kids have snuck in that can of soda into the living room. While it is much harder to remove stains that have set, you can work on them to get them to be lessened as much as possible. To work on set stains, try a formula of hydrogen peroxide and a couple drops of dishwashing detergent. This will cause a bit of chemical reaction to take place. That can help you to get the stain out by causing it to loosen up and then the hydrogen peroxide will help to get it out completely. Pour the mixture onto the carpet and blot it up as needed.

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