Tips For Removing Barbecue Stains


How To Remove Barbecue Stains

The barbecue stain that has hit your carpeting or is on your favorite piece of clothing is there, now what do you do to get rid of it?

With the summer months approaching, more and more people will be grilling out. With the fun of summer comes the destruction of stain, though! There will be parties, fun times, and lots of wonderful foods. But, what should you do when you find that the foods you love are causing stains? There are more than a few accidents that are likely to happen. The good news is that you can easily find the solution for your needs here.

Speed Is Key!

As with most other types of stains, being quick to clean them up is the best thing for the stain. That does not mean it can not come off otherwise, but your chances of full stain removal are better when you work on the stain quickly.

Overall Barbecue Stain Removal

Here is the best way to get barbecue stain out of out of your fabric. Take note of these steps.

  • Use a dull knife or other product to scrape away as much of the barbecue as possible. You want to be careful not to rub it into the carpeting or fabric more so than it already is.
  • For clothing, run the back of the stain under cold water. This will force it back out.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent. Blot onto the stain and allow it to sit for a few minutes.
  • For white clothing or fabric, you can use bleach on the garment, but only if it has been tested
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • If the stain has not been removed completely, you should use a stain removing product and allow it to set as directed by the product.
  • Launder the item as you would any other time, but do not place it in the dryer. Allow to air dry.
  • This allows you to go back and determine if the stain is completely gone before the dryer sets that stain permanently.

Stains Understood

There are often many ingredients in barbecue sauces that cause it to stain products like fabrics and carpeting. If you follow the process listed above and your stain still remains, you do want to try to have the product professionally cleaned. Often, a professional will use a dry cleaning solvent to help remove stains. If this is to be helpful to you, though, you do need to move quickly on it. Do not dry the fabric in the dryer.

If you want the stain to be removed and do not want to head to the professional dry cleaners, you can also soak the item in a solution of warm water and mild laundry detergent over night. It may prove to be a bit difficult to remove the barbecue stain from the clothing completely though as some of the ingredients can cause it to be permanent

What About My Carpet?

What should you do if your carpet ends up with a barbecue stain? This can be quite troublesome as it is very difficult to clean stains effectively on carpeting without immediate attention. The good news is that you can usually get the barbecue out without to much work if you work fast.

Steps To Take

You need to move quickly to tackle the stain effectively. Remove as much as possible with the dull knife. Use a clean, dry terry cloth to blot the stain to remove as much as possible. Do not rub it. Blot on a mild laundry detergent to the area. Follow this with a clean, dry terry cloth blotted to remove more of the stain. Repeat as necessary.

Because barbecue sauce can also be oily, you want to consider placing baking soda on the stain once it is fully removed This will absorb the oils that may still be in the carpet. Allow to sit several hours or over night. Then, vacuum it up.

Stain Removal From Countertops

When barbecue sauces end up on your countertops it can cause a stain as well. If this happens, you need to make sure to clean up the mess as soon as possible. To remove the barbecue stain, apply a liquid detergent to the stain and work in. If you have a porous countertop such as marble or stone, you should follow the directions provided to you by the manufacturer for cleaning. If you damage the outer coating on these surfaces, you may need to reapply the protective coating to them.

Barbecue stains can come out successfully if you take the time to work on it. In most cases, the stain will come off quite easily. The goal is to remove the stain without damaging the product that it is on, though. For that reason, you should always test chemicals on a hidden area of the product to make sure that they will not damage it.

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